7 Worst Prediabetes Foods You Are Eating

A pre-diabetes diagnosis can be heartbreaking and can send you in panic. But there are ways to fight it and take the challenge head on. Although prediabetes puts you at a higher risk of diabetes, you can alter your lifestyle and avoid most prediabetes foods. The good news is that you have had your diagnosis in time, so you can change course and take to a healthier lifestyle. When it comes to choosing a healthy eating plan, your focus should be on foods that slow down glucose absorption in the body. Research suggests that an active lifestyle does not have a match when it comes to diabetes management. If you follow a regular workout regimen and lose 5 to 7 percent of your body weight following a prediabetes diagnosis, you can reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes by 58 percent!

Prediabetes Foods To Avoid

Avoid These Prediabetes Foods To Reduce Diabetes Risk

People on a prediabetes diet should follow a well-balanced diet plan with the right portion size and supplement their dietary regimen with a workout schedule.

You may want to avoid these prediabetes foods to avert the risk of diabetes:

1.     Detox drinks

Fruits are loaded with nutrients and make a health-friendly addition to your dietary regimen. So why are these on the “eat less” list?

Well, fruits are packed with fructose, a form of natural sugar, which is high in calories and lacks dietary fiber. Fiber is essential to keeping your blood glucose steady. Most of the detox drinks, such as smoothies and juices, are concentrated in sugar. This means your pancreas needs to work harder and produce more insulin to process sugar. The body starts craving for more sugar to curb the excess insulin produced to check the sugar intake, triggering a vicious cycle.

Instead, you may want to reach out for apples, peaches, and berries.

2.     Breakfast cereals

Often considered a healthy breakfast option, cereals are high in sugar. Never reach out for instant breakfast cereals, as they are highly refined and lack adequate fiber. Rather, you may want to kick-start your day with an early morning meal comprising old-fashioned oats, which are packed with dietary fiber and slow down absorption, leaving you with a feeling of fullness. Top your oats bowl with protein-rich almonds. For a protein punch, top it with a scrambled egg and have a hearty morning meal following a workout.

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3.     Natural and artificial sweeteners

When you say no to sugar for a prediabetes diet, it also includes jaggery, honey, and palm and coconut sugar. These natural sweeteners work almost the same way as white sugar in your body and are high in calories, with the only difference being their mineral content.  However, when you are at a diabetes risk, it is in your best interest to avoid all forms of sweeteners that can cause a blood sugar spike.

4.     Processed meat

Say no to turkey, bacon, salamis, and steaks if you are trying to cut down your risk of diabetes. With a sodium and saturated fat overload, processed meat is one of the worst prediabetes foods that pose a high risk of heart disease. Instead, choose lean meats and add fish to your diet.

5.     Packaged foods

Processed and packaged foods sitting on the bakery shelves are a big no for those at a diabetes risk. You should stay away from anything that reads sugar-free because “sugar free” is a misnomer. Most products that claim to be sugar free contain sugar in other forms, which is not good for prediabetics.

Besides being highly processed, these packaged foods, such as cookies, pizza, and cakes, have extra fat and hydrogenated oil. If you crave for a sweet treat, it is still better to have a small portion of the real thing, such as fibrous fruit, instead of reaching out to cookies, bread, or cakes.

Better still, make a small batch of oatmeal cookies at home with nut butter and sugar substitute, such as stevia. However, it does not mean you should overdo them. Eat small and in moderation and you should be good.

6.     Canned fruit

What is so bad about canned fruit for someone on a prediabetes diet? Well, of course, the fruit part is good, but the word “canned” negates all the benefits you could derive from fruit. Canning is the process of preserving fruit in thick, sugary syrup. So sugar syrup is not the best choice to make for someone with a diabetes risk. You may want to reach out for products packed in fruit juice instead.  Better still, eat it fresh.

7.      Potatoes

French fries, potato chips, and baked potato wedges are some of the snacks you would want to steer clear of. Perhaps being rich in starch, potato in any form is not the best food for prediabetics. Although starchy veggies are loaded with vitamins and minerals, they have a carb overload, which puts them in the category of high blood sugar causing foods. Instead, you should try to include non-starchy foods, leafy greens, and cruciferous veggies in your diabetes diet.

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Besides a diabetes diet, a prediabetes regimen should focus on including exercise. Stay active and try to maintain a healthy weight to reduce the risk of diabetes.

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