8 Tips for Beautiful Hands and Nails

Hands are one of the most important yet the most ignored parts of your body. While your facial looks are a showstopper, your beautiful hands can attract attention too. If you do not take care of your hands, then you should get ready to spot the first aging signs there. Don’t be surprised to spot those fine lines and wrinkles on your hands first before any other part of your body!  After so much use and abuse, your hands need tender love and care.  When you wash your hands, it strips your skin and nails of their natural oils. So the best way to keep your hands young and beautiful is to take care of them. Here are a few tips for beautiful hands.

Tips for Beautiful Hands and Nails

Tips for Beautiful Hands #1: Moisturize

You cannot think of getting beautiful hands without moisturizing them. Invest in a quality moisturizer that can keep your hands soft and supple. Place bottles of the moisturizer or lotion by the sinks in your bathroom. This will remind you that you need to rehydrate your skin after every wash.

Alternatively, keep a small bottle of lotion in your bag, so you would never forget to moisturize your hands on the go.

While washing can dry out the skin and nail bed, moisturizing will provide them with the much-needed greasing to keep them soft and wrinkle free. Use a protective hand cream with an SPF rating of 25 several times a day. For nails, you should use a moisturizer that contains lactic acid or urea, which are highly effective in preventing cracking.

Tips for Beautiful Hands #2: Tame Your Cuticles

Cuticle care is a crucial part of your hand care regimen. In fact, healthy cuticles not only make your hands look more beautiful, but also lead to healthy nails. Since these are a barrier to bacterial infection, cuticles need your care and attention. Do not ignore cuticles and nails when rubbing lotion into your hands. Coconut oil is one of the best moisturizers for skin, which is equally excellent for your nails and cuticles. Additionally, do not trim cuticles during a manicure, as it could result in painful infections. The idea is to moisten them. Trim away the dead skin and use a cuticle pusher to push them back.

Tips for Beautiful Hands #3: Don’t Over Wash

Washing is an essential part of hand care regimen. In fact, it is one of the common tips for beautiful hands. It also acts as a preventive aid against bacterial and viral infections impacting the skin. But it does not mean you should over wash your hands. Constant washing can strip your hand skin of essential oils. It is a good idea to opt for a non-aggressive liquid soap. It could help to invest in a hand sanitizing gel to sanitize your hands without water. Additionally, when washing your hands, you should pay special attention to the water temperature. Hot water can cause additional skin dryness, so you may want to use warm water. Do not forget to slather a layer of hand cream, moisturizer, or lotion after washing your hands each time. It will help nourish and protect the beauty of your hands and nails.

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Tips for Beautiful Hands #4: Heal & Exfoliate

Exfoliation is one of the best ways to keep your hands beautiful. As you exfoliate your facial skin, it might help to gently scrub your hands to remove the dead skin layer. Exfoliation helps reveal the fresh skin underneath. A coconut oil and sugar pack is an effective home remedy for beautiful hands.

Tips for Beautiful Hands #5: Keep Covered

With dropping temperature, it’s time to dig out a comfortable pair of gloves to protect your hands from harsh weather.  This will serve two purposes – besides protecting your hands from the chilling weather, a pair of gloves would keep them from drying when you are out. Before stepping out with a pair of gloves, do not forget to apply a layer of hand cream to keep your big guns moisturized. Remember, moisture is essential to keep your skin and nails looking young.

Tips for Beautiful Hands #6: Eat Well

Can you ignore diet when you dream of beautiful hands? For healthy hands and nails, you should focus on a protein-rich diet. Try to include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, vitamin A and C, vitamin B, calcium, and iron. Alternatively, drink loads of water to stay hydrated. This will help keep your hardworking hands and nails lubricated.

Avocados and almonds are rich in good fats that can strengthen your nails and nourish your skin. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, avocado is one of the most essential foods to include in your diet for beautiful hands. Carrots, berries, and lemon should be part of your hand care dietary regimen. Pamper your hands with a lemon, curd, and oatmeal pack. Leave the pack on your hands for 10 minutes. Rinse off to get those soft, beautiful hands.

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Tips for Beautiful Hands #7: Pamper Them

Yes, your hands and nails need pampering, just like your facial skin. Indulge in a manicure each month and give your hands thorough nourishment. A manicure is essential to nourish your hands. A hand care regimen includes exfoliation, cleansing, and massaging.

Tips for Beautiful Hands #8: Nail Care

When cutting your nails, you should use scissors instead of nail clippers. If you use clippers, it risks causing small tears that can cause nail splitting. It is equally important to file your nails with a smoothly surfaced glass nail file. Filing in one direction holds the key to keeping the nail structure undamaged.

The condition of your hands and nails says a lot about your health. Since your hardworking hands subjected to immense stress every day, intensive care is particularly crucial to hand care and health.

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