8 Tips To Fight Wrinkles Naturally

Has your skin started to show signs of aging? Are you wary of those deepening wrinkles? Perhaps those fine lines are becoming clearly visible. Is the glow on your face making way for dark circles, laugh lines, and sagging skin?  Well, who on earth would not want the best tips to fight wrinkles and signs of aging?

Tips To Fight Wrinkles

Skin Aging Inevitable: Tips to Fight Wrinkles

Nobody would dispute the fact that aging is inevitable. We gradually lose our youthful glow with age due to the slowing down of the natural cell turnover process. As a result, the dull dead skin cells tend to cling to the surface longer, making it look flaky, blemished, and dull.

But there are ways to age well. In fact, there’s plenty you can do to fight off those signs of aging, from making lifestyle changes to dietary adjustments and adopting a healthy skin care regimen.

Sun is Your Enemy- Keep Away From UV Rays

If wrinkles have started to appear on your face, the prime cause could be your exposure to direct sunlight. Research reveals that too much of skin exposure has a direct relation with wrinkles. You can avoid wrinkles by taking steps to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight. The ultraviolet rays, especially UVA, are the prime culprit in causing damage to your skin by breaking down the collagen and elastin. There are plenty of good reasons to avoid too much exposure to the sun.

Wear Sunblock

Perhaps it is not always possible to avoid the sun all the time. But that does not mean exposing your skin to the sun. Rather, you would want to wear sunscreen before stepping out in the sun as a protection against skin damage from solar rays. This also includes cloudy days when 80% of the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can reach you.

Correct Your Sleeping Posture

You must be wondering as to how your sleeping posture can affect your looks. Well, if you choose to sleep on your side, you are exposing yourself to wrinkles and fine lines that do not disappear easily. Over a period of time, these fine lines become a permanent facial feature.

One of the top tips to fight wrinkles is to change your sleeping posture and start sleeping on your back.

Unraveling Top Secrets To Age Well

Quit Smoking

Smoking does you no good, nor does it give you any health benefits. Tobacco smoking is hazardous for not only your health, but also your facial skin. Research reveals that the skin of smokers tends to become thinner with the breakdown of collagen, which provides the skin elasticity and firmness. Wrinkles, furrows, and fine lines are prominent on a smoker’s face, with deep grooves around the lips.

Make the Best Nutritional Changes

The condition of your skin is a reflection of what you eat.  Feed your skin a nutrient-rich diet loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Eating a mix of foods rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and omega 3 fatty acids is beneficial to the skin, though there is no single super food for a healthier skin. Antioxidant-rich foods can provide your skin with the required shield to fight free radical damage.

Drink loads of water to keep your body and skin hydrated. You will be surprised to see the effect of proper hydration on your skin glow!

Eat More Fish

If you are looking for tips as to how to fight wrinkles, fish must be a crucial part of your skin-friendly diet. If you can get your hands on salmon, it has no match in terms of omega 3 fatty acids that can nourish your skin while keeping it plump and youthful. Who does not want that glow on their skin back? Vegetarians can derive skin-friendly vitamins and Omega 3 from nuts and seeds, including flax seeds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and almonds.

Avoid Over Washing Your Face

Those repeated water splashes on your face can strip it of essential oils, leaving your skin dull and dry. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center researchers, tap water strips your skin of the much-needed moisture and natural barrier oils that protect it from fine lines and wrinkles.

Wash your face twice a day and pat it dry immediately. If you have been washing your face every now and then, you will find it flaky, dull, and dry soon.

Massage Your Skin to Good Health

Still looking for more tips to fight wrinkles? Well, you can put the natural glow back on your skin with a good gentle exfoliating massage. Exfoliation helps coax the inner glow back onto the surface of the skin by physically lifting the dry, dull debris. As a result of exfoliation, the dull, dry, and flaky skin layer gives way to softer, smoother skin. Massage and exfoliation are the best way to penetrate the skin, smoothen out rough patches, reduce breakout-causing congestion, and prevent ingrown hairs.

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So what’s the actual secret to slowing down the aging process? Does it lie with costly cosmetic procedures? Or does it involve painful Botox injections?

Well, a beautiful, youthful glow can be attributed to a simple lifestyle, focused on healthy eating, regular exercising, de-stressing, living in the present, meditating, and following a healthy skin care regimen. On top of it, there is no match to being one with nature. So what are you waiting for?

Hydrate your skin with fresh air and water and focus on holistic healing for an ageless, wrinkle-free, youthful skin. Nurture yourself well and the Mother Nature would be kind enough to nurture you to age gracefully and with aplomb.

Are you ready?

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