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The Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises to Tone and Build Muscle

The last time you went to the grocery store, did you notice the magazines lining the checkout aisle? In many cases, these magazines are plastered with headlines about slim-quick tips and the latest workout craze. There are an unlimited array of options out there when it comes to …

How to Calculate Your Calorie Needs for Weight Loss

Many people believe that weight loss is some impossible task, but it is actually much simpler than you might imagine. Where many people struggle is with finding the right balance between calories burned and calories consumed to trigger weight loss. While you do not need to obsess over …

The Secrets of HIIT for Weight Loss 

If you have been struggling to lose weight, it may not be about how much exercise you are getting – it might be the kind of exercise. Many people make the mistake of putting too much strain on their bodies with exhausting cardiovascular workouts that don’t even give …

10 Must-Know Benefits of Exercise for Children

You adore your tiny tots and want to see them healthy and happy. Unfortunately, the incidence of obesity and disease in children is alarming. Keeping in shape holds the key to fitness even for young children. The benefits of exercise for children are numerous. But exercise doesn’t mean …

Benefits of Exercise: Why Physical Activity Important

Your health is in your hands, right? A few moves here and there every day can keep you healthy and happy for long. Exercise is a panacea for many ills. From boosting your cardiovascular health to improving your mood and sleep, and busting stress, the benefits of exercise …

Exercise for Diabetics: Dos and Don’ts

Exercise and diabetes go together. Wondering how? Well, if you are a diabetic, you cannot take it lightly. Exercise must be a part of your lifestyle regimen for better blood sugar control and to lower the risk of heart disease. If you stay fit and active, you can …
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