Top 9 Teen Beauty Problems With Solutions

Teenage is the period when a child becomes an adolescent. It is the time for some self-searching. Your child is sure to confront a host of teen beauty problems, as she remains more focused on her appearance. Even she finds her self-esteem and emotional satisfaction intertwined with how she looks and others appreciate her style. Here are nine most common teen beauty problems with practical solutions to deal with each of them.

Teen Beauty Problems Centers Around Skin Issues

Hairy Arms

When your cute little girl enters her teenage, she suddenly turns conscious of her looks. She becomes obese with her body features and it is perfectly normal. A hairy arm is among the most pressing teen beauty problems your child is likely to have.

Teach your teen that hair on the arm is normal and she must be able to identify between normal and too much hair. Let her ask other female members about the extent of hair on female arms. If she persists, teach her how to use a depilatory solution or cream to remove hair safely. Avoid using razors and always have her arms moisturized after hair removal.

Frizzy Hair

Teenage is an interval between childhood and adulthood. Your teen continues to play like a child while trying to imitate adults. Her hair is expected to turn fizzy as she hangs with friends in hot and humid conditions outside.

Frizzy hair is among the teen beauty problems that bother every parent. Get a good moisturizing shampoo and a quality conditioner for your teen. Make sure these have Vitamin E as an ingredient. She may also use anti-frizz hair protein serums or creams. Massage and comb her hair daily. This not only helps normalize her frizzy hair, but also adds smoothness, shine, and style.


If you ever ask an adolescent about teen beauty problems that upset her the most, you are more likely to hear “acne.” Acne in teens appears oil secretion from the gland clogs hair follicles or pores. It may even cause loss of self-esteem in teens, who may become depressed.

Let your child find out the reason behind acne and associated skin conditions. Teach her to use warm water or mild cleansers to wash the face. However, avoid washing the face too frequently.

Topical acne gel, cream, or lotions can help open blocked skin pores and reduce the incident of pimples. Never use greasy substances on the face. Ensure that any makeup used is acne friendly and oil free.

It is important to avoid oily hair products, as these may contribute to pimples on the face. Wash your hair once in two or three days. Don’t prick or pop pimples, as it may cause scars, and the healing time increases.

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Cracked Lips

This is not among major teen beauty problems, but makes teenagers often feel bad and self-conscious. They need quick solutions and lick their lips to keep it moisturized and smooth. However, licking makes lips drier, adding to the problem.

Drinking a lot of water helps avoid dry lips. Keep your body hydrated and use a good-quality lip balm. Sun exposure should be limited. Make sure your teen is not sharing her lip balm.

If there is a cold sore, using a cool compress or anti-viral lip balm might help contain pain and burning sensation.


The hair between eyebrows is a nightmare for many adolescents, who view it among preeminent teen beauty problems. They find plucking the easiest way to get rid of such unwanted hair. However, make sure to use astringents to clean the area before plucking the hair. Also, use a moisturizer afterward to avoid any skin eruptions. When using tweezers, pay attention to the skin and the eyebrow lining.

Skin Problems

With a good diet and ample water intake, a teen can keep her skin glowing. The most common skin problems that lead to teen beauty problems include the following.

  • Oily skin: Use a gentle cleanser and avoid frequent scrubbing of the skin. Make sure your makeup, moisturizer, and hair products do not cause greasing or clog skin pores.
  • Peeling skin: When your tan goes wrong, skin starts to peel. A good aloe vera-based moisturizer and sunscreen can work wonders.
  • Brownish spots on the face: Using sunscreen and face creams with Vitamin C can help ward it off.
  • Dry skin: Protect your skin from heat. Even avoid hot water. Use gentle and moisturizing cleanser. Avoid scrubbing the skin. Use after-shower moisturizers to keep the skin moisturized.

Waxing Dilemma

Hairy legs too dominate the list of teen beauty problems. However, when to start waxing remains a significant dilemma for many.

Teens can start waxing their legs when they have thick hair. Waxing is a better option than shaving. But it can hurt the first timers and also cause skin blisters. To get rid of these problems, always visit an expert beauty specialist. Keep your legs moisturized before and after waxing.

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Dandruff and Split Hair Ends

These issues are embarrassing teen beauty problems and can impact the health of your hair. Check if your shampoo is meant to treat dandruff. Shampoo the hair at least thrice a week. While washing the hair, leave the shampoo for a few minutes before cleaning it. Make sure your scalp does not remain too dry.

For split ends, styling is the best solution to mask it. Using hair blower, bleaching, and straightening may aggravate the problem. Prefer haircut over pulling them out.

Body Odor

It is not on the list of major teen beauty problems. However, it often leads to embarrassing situations for a teenager. Her classmates may tease and avoid her company. Ugly underarm wet stains are too awkward to spot.

Selecting the right deodorant helps take the odor away. Apply antiperspirants and deodorants soon after the bath. Avoid too much heat to control sweating.

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